Great design should influence experiences beyond the screen.

I'm Anna, a Product Designer based in San Francisco, CA.

Selected Work


Mind Over Matter

Creating a safe and secure student wellness resource platform to foster and improve mental health

Platform: Responsive Web  |  Role: UX Designer


Redesigning the home inspection experience to increase conversion in an untapped segment.

Platform: Responsive Web  |  Role: UX Designer

hypve bkg.png


Designing a web-app client dashboard to improve chronic hyperventilation

Platform: Web-Application  |  Role: UI Designer

Coming Soon


Josh Jensen

Co-Founder, Inspectify 

"As an early stage tech co-founder, I couldn't have been more impressed with the results from Anna's work with our Flatiron project. I'm happy to say that our Anna and team performed above all expectations and delivered an end product that was not only insightful, but extremely useful given the stage of our company. Anna was very amendable and supportive with our ever changing needs and cannot recommend her enough!"

Josh .jpeg

CleanUp SF

A mobile app designed to host local groups and events for a safe and cleaner community. 

Platform: iOS App  |  Role: UX Designer