I believe that great design should influence experiences beyond the screen.


My approach to design is rooted in user-centric research and connecting with humans to create inclusive, usable, and accessible solutions. I am passionate about creating new experiences that make a meaningful impact and help users achieve their goals. Just like the innovation that surrounds us, I am constantly trying to discover new ways to evolve and better my craft.


My extensive background in customer experience and marketing allows me to advocate for the needs of users. I aim to make complex problems simple and delightful, by focusing on a data and empathy-driven approach for both users and stakeholders.


When I’m not busy designing, you’ll find me hiking around the Bay Area Peninsula with my two Shiba Inus, Nico and Yubi. I am a huge foodie and will almost always try anything once. You can also find me snacking and cozying up to some sitcoms, true crime, and murder mystery shows.

Hey there,

I'm Anna.

Product Designer. Researcher. Curious lifelong learner.